About me

I am an Endorsed NP, CMHN and Psychotherapist working in private practice. I am motivated to support MHN reach her highest potential, assist with navigating the human interactions with both clients and colleagues, and reflect on their clinical skills to develop effective therapeutic approaches.
I have 30 + years in nursing specialising in child, youth and family mental health, worked across inpatient and community MHN since 1995, clinical educator and clinical supervisor across mother baby, adult MHS since 2001, clinical leadership and quality management roles and service development of PHN community MH funding. For the past 13 years my focus of practice has been primary care as a private practitioner providing Nurse Practitioner - Psychiatry / Psychotherapy.
Chair ACMHN MHNP Special Interest Group since 2014 - coordinate peer group supervision and individual supervision for advance practice MH nurses working towards NP Endorsement.

My experience

20+ years of experience in clinical supervision in public MHS and private sector
7 years experience in clinical education team since 2001 developing and integrating clinical supervision structure. This involved training to supervisees regarding implementing the clinical supervision model into the clinical setting and apply policy on process and boundaries of CS. This involved ongoing professional development as a supervisor.

My current role/work

Nurse Practitioner - Psychiatry / Psychotherapy and clinical supervisor in private practice located in Frankston - MHNP Consulting
I offer services across a range of funding as well as full fee paying clients with a medicare NP rebate.
MHNP services include advanced assessment, pathology and clinical investigations, confirming diagnosis, and a range of treatments including psychotherapy and prescribing medications. Along with prescribing and managing a range of psychotropic medications, I am a certified opiate replacement prescriber, medicinal cannabis prescriber and manage clients with ADHD stimulant medications.
Other non Medicare funding options include: NDIS therapy services, VOCAT, Carers Gateway, brokerage funding for specialised assessment diagnosis for developmental disorders for children, youth and adults.

My training

Training in Clinical Supervision (CS) - 7 years of Clinical Educator & Clinical Consultant role involved ongoing professional development as a supervisor.
Bachelor of Health Science Nursing 1993, Graduate Diploma of MH Nursing and endorsement as Psychiatric Nurse 1995
Masters of Health Science - Nursing, Mental Health 2001, Equivalence in NP Masters with added qualifications in Medicine in Nursing and Therapeutic Medication Management 2011, with 5000+ hours of advanced practice led to AHPRA Nurse Practitioner endorsement 2012.
Developmental Psychiatry course, range of certifications in psychotherapy based approaches - CBT, ACT, DBT, EMDR, Suicide prevention training and trainer in ASIST

My approach to supervision

I use Driscoll’s Reflective Model for clinical supervision and focus on "systemic" and “ reflective practice” approaches, for individuals and groups. These approaches aim to create a confidential, safe and non-defensive space, where the sharing of new ideas or group learning can occur for all participants. The supervision process supports critical enquiry, developing professional confidence and competence and is a confidential environment

Registered Nurse (mental health nurse qualified)Nurse Practitioners
Specialty areas:
Adult Mental Health,Child, Adolescent, Youth Mental Health,Inpatient,Community,Education,Leadership,Quality Improvement,Project Design & Management,Dual Diagnosis (AOD and mental health),Dual Disability (mental health and intellectual disability),Forensic,Eating Disorders,Workplace Wellbeing,Therapeutic Theory & Practice,Trauma Informed Care/Practice,Physical Health,Family Inclusive Practice,Other
Mode of delivery:
In person,Phone,Online
Supervision size:
Private individual provider
Reciprocal arrangements:

  • Tuesday
    • Afternoon
    • )
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
Availability depends on current capacity. I currently have a waiting list.
I am located in Frankston. I currently provide Clinical Supervision Nationally across Australia
Geographical area availability for supervision