Welcome to the Mental Health Nursing Clinical Supervisor Database.

This database is designed to assist mental health nurses to find a suitable clinical supervisor. 

Clinical supervisors listed in the database have asserted that they meet the minimum criteria for inclusion in the database. These criteria, developed through wide consultation, are:

  • They have at least 3 years' experience in a mental health designated role
  • They accept the underlying principles of Victoria's clinical supervision framework for mental health nurses
  • They have attended clinical supervision training or can demonstrate equivalent clinical supervision experience and expertise
  • They have received continuous clinical supervision for a minimum of 1 year

Supervisors applying to be listed on the CMHL public database attest that they agree to abide by their own service's policies and procedures in their supervision, including when providing supervision under reciprocal arrangements.

The Chief Mental Health Nurse, with significant contributions from Victoria’s Senior Mental Health Nurses, has prepared a document to guide further implementation of consistent approaches for reciprocal arrangements between Health Services, enabling more mental health nurses to access a clinical supervisor. If you are an AMHS-employed nurse please ensure you read and abide by this document before applying to be listed on the database. For an accessible word version, click here.


The inclusion of a clinical supervisor in the database is not an endorsement of that supervisor by CMHL. Rather, the information contained in the database can be used by mental health nurses seeking clinical supervision to search for and select a supervisor. Nurses seeking clinical supervision are encouraged to contact potential supervisors directly for any further information or clarification needed in their search for a suitable supervisor.

For mental health nurses seeking a clinical supervisor click here to go to the database.

For clinical supervisors applying to be listed in the database click here to go to the form.

You can find a 10-minute video here describing the database functionality.

Changes to your details

If your circumstances change please email supervision@cmhl.org.au to update your listing or have any queries.
If you are at capacity but still want to be listed please email us as we can add "currently unavailable" to your listing.

Your information

Information in the database will be used in de-identified form for the ongoing evaluation of Victoria’s clinical supervision framework for MHNs. Listed supervisors may be contacted as part of the evaluation.

This database should only be used by people who are seeking a clinical supervisor. Using this database for other purposes (e.g. marketing or advertising) is not allowed.