About me

Hello! I am a passionate Enrolled Nurse Educator working with the Centre for Mental Health Learning. I am driven by human rights and supported decision making, and believe reflective practice and replenishing spaces can provide a safer work environment for everyone.

My experience

I started nursing as part of the EN transition program. I have experience working on an adult inpatient unit, as a group program nurse, and on a community team. All my experience is with metro public services.

My current role/work

My current role is a statewide mental health educator, where I work with services to provide training support to ENs around Victoria. I also participate in wider CMHL projects including participation in the Implimentation Group for Mental Health Nursing Clinical Supervision Framework (Safer Care Victoria).

My training

I have training in Clinical Supervision, including with NWMH and CMHL. I also am trained in co-design (TACSI), Trauma Informed Care, Safewards, Leadership for Emerging Leaders (Michelle Bihary). I will complete my Bachelor of Nursing in 2022.

My approach to supervision

My approach is supervisee led, and the methods we use will be agreed upon during our initial sessions. I enjoy the 'What' model, but most importantly my approach is to provide a safe, open, replenishing space.

Enrolled Nurse
Specialty areas:
Adult Mental Health,Inpatient,Community,Education,Leadership,Project Design & Management,Physical Health
Mode of delivery:
In person,Online
Supervision size:
Centre for Mental Health Learning
Reciprocal arrangements:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
metro, northern Melbourne
Geographical area availability for supervision