About me

I am passionate about clinical supervision as a professional support for nurses. Working as a health professional is psychologically taxing, especially managing the often-intense emotional work of caring for people facing life threatening or life changing health conditions. The systems we work in are also challenging. Engaging in regular, well-structured Clinical Supervision is an effective intervention to support health professionals in this work. Reflecting on practice (after the event) is the work of clinical supervision. Developing skills in reflecting on practice means we become more skilled at reflecting in practice and before practice. This increases our ability to choose our responses to others (be they consumers, carers or staff) in the moment. This decreases our reactivity and the risk of impulsive reactions which results in the increased possibility of helpful communication, less emotional drain, and the ability to practice with awareness.

My experience

I commenced General Nursing Training in 1977 gaining experience in general and intensive care nursing before undertaking psychiatric nursing education in 1987. Since then, I have worked in general and specialist psychiatry, drug dependence, nursing management and education. In 1997 I commenced work in Consultation-Liaison Mental Health, and this has been my passion ever since. Working in this role I utilised my clinical, education, research, quality improvement and management skills.

My current role/work

I am a semi-retired Mental Health Nurse in private practice providing clinical supervision and mental health education (including clinical supervision). I am enrolled in my PhD which is focussed on Consultation-Liaison Mental Health Nursing.

My training

2019 Therapeutic Supervision (Seven-eyed Model), Centre for Supervision and Team Development, London
2019 Clinical Supervision Training, Bouverie Centre, Brunswick
2015 & ongoing Clinical Supervision for Role Development
2010 Understanding and Managing Organisational Dynamics, Service Quality Australia, Melbourne
2007 Advanced Diploma Gestalt Therapy, Gestalt Therapy Australia, Melbourne
2000 Clinical supervision, Lisa Lynch & Kerrie Hancox, University of Melbourne
1998 Clinical supervision, Psychiatric Services Training Unit, Melbourne

My approach to supervision

The theoretical and clinical framework that underpins my supervisory practice is the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of care. Gestalt psychotherapy supports this nicely as it is a holistic and relationally based approach that is the cornerstone of my psychotherapy practice. This provides the lens through which I understand the human experience. This is broadened by psychodynamic theory, particularly developmental and relational concepts. Organisational psychodynamics and role theory have also informed my clinical supervision, particularly for advanced practitioners and developing clinical supervisors. This is strengthened by incorporating Clinical Supervision for Role Development and The Seven-Eyed Model into my supervisory practice. I see Clinical Supervision as a supportive educative process (as per Brigid Proctor) utilising reflective and adult learning principles. Combining these theoretical approaches provides a solid framework for understanding humans, the helping relationship and processes, and Clinical Supervision. My practice is consistent with the Clinical Supervision Position Statement for Nurses and Midwives Statement and the Clinical Supervision for Mental Health Nurses: A Framework for Victoria.

Registered Nurse (mental health nurse qualified)
Specialty areas:
Leadership,Workplace Wellbeing,Therapeutic Theory & Practice,Other
Mode of delivery:
In person,Online
Supervision size:
Private individual provider
Reciprocal arrangements:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
I have limited availability at the moment but willing to hear from Mental Health Nurses working in Consultation-Liaison positions
Melbourne CBD & Bellarine Peninsula
Geographical area availability for supervision
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