About me

Hi, I am a credentialed mental health nurse with almost 20 years of experience in a variety of settings and roles. I am passionate about professional development and the well being of our workforce.
I value respect and collaboration, and strongly believe that clinical supervision is essential to all mental health workers.
In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, going for walks and listening to music.
During my supervision sessions, l use a reflective model and draw on previous experiences for future learning.

My experience

I have experience in leadership roles- I am currently a team leader and have been in management positions in the past. In these roles I provide both managerial and clinical supervision.
Education- I have experience as a clinical nurse educator and clinical nurse consultant- part of my role was to provide clinical supervision to graduates and postgraduates individually and in groups.
Community mental health- I have worked as a senior clinician in a case management role and experience in inpatient settings- adult and youth.
Primary care- I provide clinical services via Care in mind as a credentialed mental health nurse.

My current role/work

My current role is a team leader at Mercy Mental Health, and also work under the Care in mind program under NWPHN.
I am a credentialed mental health nurse and have experience in assisting with credentialing process.
My previous work experience has also provided me with a great understanding of different settings and roles within mental health.

My training

I have completed a Master of advanced nursing practice (mental health), and other training such as DBT training, a counselling diploma, certificate in coaching and am currently completing a diploma in management and leadership.
I have previously completed training in clinical supervision and AOD interventions.

My approach to supervision

I take on a reflective and solution focused approach. I believe we can reflect on past events and use this to build new skills and awareness that impacts on our practice and future learning.
I strongly value respect, confidentiality, trust and collaboration in supervisions sessions.
I truly enjoy working with others in helping them build awareness of their strengths, and am motivated by seeing positive outcomes of our sessions.

Registered Nurse (mental health nurse qualified)
Specialty areas:
Adult Mental Health,Community,Education,Management,Leadership,Workplace Wellbeing,Therapeutic Theory & Practice
Mode of delivery:
Supervision size:
Mercy Health
Reciprocal arrangements:

  • Wednesday
    • Afternoon
    • )
  • Thursday
    • Afternoon
    • )
  • Friday
    • Afternoon
    • )
  • Saturday
Geographical area availability for supervision
Please contact me to discuss rates. I am keen to make clinical supervision accessible and easily available to mental health nurses, particularly those in the early phases of their career.