About me

I've been a registered nurse since 1983, English-born, Kiwi-raised and now Aussie by choice, I've lived in Fitzroy, Melbourne since 2005. I did all my nursing training in NZ which included 3 years as a Psychopaedic Nurse, 2 year bridging to Psychiatric Nurse, 18 months to complete the General & Obstetric components of a Comprehensive Nurse qualification. Currently working as Nurse/Training Consultant for NWMH at the Mental Health Training and Development Unit. Also on the Board of Directors of the Nursing & Midwifery Health Program Victoria (NMHPV). Also a member of Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australia (DANA).

My experience

My background is AIPU, CAMHS/Family Therapy and AOD. My most recent clinical experience was as CNE on an Adult In-patient Unit at Royal Melbourne Hospital. I've also volunteered and worked for Thorne Harbour Health (previously the Victorian Aids Foundation) working with same-sex attracted men. For the last 12 months I've also been part of the Royal Melbourne Wellbeing Team supporting all hospital staff to connect with their strengths in resilience and wellbeing. I was also one of 2 project leads in the development of the Victorian DHHS Clinical Supervision Framework for Mental Health Nurses.

My current role/work

Currently working for NWMH as a Clinical Nurse Training Consultant.

My training

As detailed earlier, trained in all three nursing domains general and obstetric, mental health and developmentally learning delayed. Postgrad in Child & Family Health (Mental Health focus) from Massey University, in NZ.

My approach to supervision

Very eclectic. Depending on the person's needs, I may use a psychodynamic based model, Driscoll, Solution-Focused, Gibbs or Seven-Eyed. I am strongly inclined towards a systemic approach and I believe in an open, honest and sometimes gently challenging relationship where the focus and direction of the CS is driven by the clinician.

Registered Nurse (mental health nurse qualified)
Specialty areas:
Adult Mental Health,Child, Adolescent, Youth Mental Health,Inpatient,Community,Education,Research,Coproduction,Dual Diagnosis (AOD and mental health),Dual Disability (mental health and intellectual disability),Supported Decision Making,Trauma Informed Care/Practice,Family Inclusive Practice
Mode of delivery:
In person,Online
Supervision size:
Reciprocal arrangements:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
I would negotiate availability with the clinician at the time of consultation.
Including on-line options, various.
Geographical area availability for supervision